‘Holy Grail’ Nude Lipstick?!?!

“Holy Grail” in the beauty industry is a big word. But….I have to admit, I think I may have found my holy grail nude lipstick! I’ve tried SOOOOOOOO many; too beige, too cakey, too sheer, etc. I’ve used this lipstick almost every single day since I first got it a few months ago.

Myth by MAC! Yes, I’m sure you’re thinking it’s overrated, but honestly, it’s the best. I love it more than Creme D’Nude, it covers the pigmentation of my lips much better and lasts a lot longer. It gives off a bit of a peachy tint too, so it doesn’t wash you out or make you look like you just rubbed foundation on your lips!

Although this is not my personal swatch, it shows the beautiful nude color of the lipstick:

If you’ve yet to find a good nude lipstick for yourself, or you just think they all look terrible on you, GIVE THIS ONE A TRY. I highly highly highly doubt you will be disappointed!