Wantable Makeup Subscription Box: October 2014

I’ve been seeing advertisements for this new subscription box, Wantable, over the past few months. After viewing the website dozens of times, I decided to try a box with a 50% coupon they were advertising. Usually, the boxes are $40 a month, so I only paid $20 for mine. Forty bucks is reallllllllly steep….especially for 4 products that I could definitely live without! Personally, I don’t even think they were worth the $20 I paid. You are able to get partial refunds with Wantable, so you can send back the products you are not happy with. I will be returning the lip liner and nail polish for a $10 refund. Which means I am keeping the highlighter and mineral foundation, which I ‘technically’ now paid $10 for. The boxes they had in the past looked way better, so maybe this one just wasn’t for me? I wouldn’t be against trying them again, but like I said $40 is super expensive (to me at least) for items that I could possibly not even like! Even after filling out a 10 minute survey on my likes and dislikes, I’m just really disappointed!


☻ Liberty Republic Nail polish – Premonition ($14)

☻  Three Custom Color Lip Liner – Salmon ($16.50)

☻ Medusa’s Makeup Loose Highlighter ($12)

☻ Marsk Mineral Foundation – Nude ($55.20)


Marsk Mineral Foundation – Nude ($55.20)

I do like this product, it reminds me a lot of the Bare Minerals products, just for about double the price. I would consider actually buying it if it were sold in a drug store, but for $55? HA, no way! I use it more as a setting powder over blemishes than an actual foundation. It does have good coverage, which is why I like using it in certain areas!


Medusa’s Makeup Loose Highlighter ($12)

This is definitely my favorite product from my box. It reminds me a lot of the TheBalm highlighters. I use it mostly on my cheekbones, nose, and cupids bow. It makes for a beautiful eyeshadow too! Especially on the inner tear duct. I had never heard of this brand before, but after looking them up their products are all cruelty free, made in the USA, and vegan!


☻  Three Custom Color Lip Liner – Salmon ($16.50)

Ugh….I was so so so excited when I saw I was getting a SALMON colored lip liner. Now, does this look salmon to you? I would have expected a peachy color…not this horrendous brownish red thing! I will never ever use this color, I even tried it on and it just looked awful! I’m beyond disappointed. I feel like it was just thrown in the box because no one would actually buy it! It’s so disappointing because the formula is so creamy and smooth, I love that part of it. Just very let down by the color.


Liberty Republic Nail polish – Premonition ($14)

Okay, I understand its fall and halloween is approaching. But I would have appreciated something I would actually wear. I’m not even sure what color this is, its mainly black with a tiny tint of blue. Again, something I would never even use. It seems as if all the colors from this collection are very dark too. They have a bunch of super cute colors that I would love to try one day, it just would have been nice to get one in my box!

I hope my post didn’t come off as too negative.. Like I said, I was just really disappointed. I was expecting to have a much different experience with Wantable based on their past boxes and what they were advertising. If the price wasn’t as steep, I wouldn’t be apposed to trying them out again!


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