Ipsy Glam Bag Sneak Peek / Early Access: August 2015

Ipsy August 2015

Early Access to view your August 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag is live!  I didn’t receive my 2 NYX eyeshadows that I redeemed last month, so I’m hoping they will come in this months bag! If you aren’t familiar with Ipsy, feel free to check them out by clicking HERE. It’s a monthly subscription service that costs $10, and you receive 4-5 beauty products each month. Ipsy is awesome for anyone who wants to try out new beauty products, and I love my little collection of makeup bags that I get every month!

Here is what I’ll be getting in my August 2015 Ipsy Bag :

Screenshot at Aug 05 11-22-36

Screenshot at Aug 05 11-14-46 Screenshot at Aug 05 11-15-03 Screenshot at Aug 05 11-15-41

Yay, pretty excited for this bag! I hope the nude lip liner will work well with my complexion! Also super stoked to try out the gel blush and skin hydrator.

These are other items you might be receiving in your August 2015 Glam Bag :

Screenshot at Aug 05 11-17-13 Screenshot at Aug 05 11-17-30 Screenshot at Aug 05 11-17-40 Screenshot at Aug 05 11-17-56 Screenshot at Aug 05 11-18-09 Screenshot at Aug 05 11-18-25 Screenshot at Aug 05 11-18-43 Screenshot at Aug 05 11-18-52 Screenshot at Aug 05 11-19-05 Screenshot at Aug 05 11-19-25 Screenshot at Aug 05 11-19-35 Screenshot at Aug 05 11-19-46

There are some AWESOME products this month! Super jealous of anyone who may be getting some of these goodies. If you aren’t happy with what you are getting, remember to rate your bag and products at the end of the month! Eventually products you don’t like/want will appear less often.

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