ColourPop Eyeshadow, Highlighter, & Lippie Stix: Review + Swatches

 After seeing ColourPop all over youtube & various blogs, I decided to finally order some of their products for myself. Their products are decently priced, but it adds up quickly, trust me! I wish I could have recorded my reaction to swatching these for the first time, the consistency and texture of the eyeshadows/highlighters are just so different & creamy…yet powdery? I literally said “oh my GOD” out loud the first time I swatched an eyeshadow.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadows: $5.00 Each

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow – Tassel (Metallic), Girly (Pearlized), Fringe (Metallic)

My favorite out of the 3 is definitely Tassel, its the most beautiful inner corner/lid color ever! I also love Girly as a brow highlight and base color, its a little less shimmery, as you can see.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow – Liberty (Ultra-Metallic), I Heart This (Metallic), Get Lucky (Metallic)

If you like a subtle shimmer without the BAM in your face eyeshadow look, I Heart This is for you! It gives off just the perfect nude shimmer look. I’ve also been loving Get Lucky & Liberty to add that pop of color to the center of the lids!

Don’t get me wrong, these highlights are great & I do think they are worth the $8. But, in retrospect I probably should have splurged else where since I already have tons of highlighters. I don’t see these ever replacing my Mac Soft and Gentle or Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. I will use them, just probably not super often. If you are looking for a cheaper, good quality highlighter, I definitely recommend checking these out!

ColourPop Highlighters: $8.00 Each

ColourPop Highliter – Stole The Show (Pearlized), Lunch Money (Pearlized), Highly Waited (Pearlized)

Stole The Show definitely stole the show for me! It’s my favorite out of the 3 with Lunch Money following closely behind. I feel like Highly Waisted is just not the right color for my skin tone, it would be really beautiful on someone who was a little darker or tan.

Yes, the famous ColourPop Lippie Stix. These were the first products I had heard of from ColourPop & I’ve been wanting to try them out for so long. I’m not really a bright lipstick kind of girl, i’m usually always wearing a nude lipstick or a pale pink. I wanted to try and step outside my comfort zone a little bit with these. But as you can see, most of them are still pretty nude or muted.

ColourPop Lippie Stix: $5.00 Each

ColourPop Lippie Stix – Cookie (Matte), Skimpy (Glossy), Bound (Glossy), BFF (Glossy), Easy (Glossy), Cupid (Hyper-Glossy)

My Favorites out of group are Skimpy, Cupid, and Easy. But I also really do like BFF and Bound. I find that Cookie is very dark looking on my pale skin. So again, if you had a darker complexion it would be fantastic for you. Often I mix Skimpy & Cupid/Easy together to get a pretty nude peachy/pink lip. I love love love the formula and pigmentation of these lippies!

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Urban Decay – Naked On The Run: Swatches & Review


Ahhhh, I LOVE Urban Decay! I own every Naked palette and will probably continue to own them in the future, they are by far my most favorite eyeshadows. I pre-ordered my Naked On The Run palette from the day it was released. It costs $54 and includes 6 eyeshadows, blush, bronzer, lipgloss, eyeliner, and mascara. I think its an awesome palette and it’s so convenient to have it all confined to one simple case!


Here’s the back information for anyone interested, just click the picture to see a larger version of any images in this post!


I know I don’t have the best quality pictures, but for what it is, the color payoff is great. I’m happy they included matte shades to balance out the shimmery ones. These colors will create an amazing smokey eye, I’m beyond excited to start using it often!

– 0.4 oz Eye Shadows
Dive (metallic rose/gold micro-shimmer)
Fix (soft taupe matte)
Resist (medium metallic taupe)
Dare (medium brown matte)
Stun (metallic bronze/light gold micro-shimmer)


– 0.3 oz Bronzer
Medium bronze matte

– 0.3 oz Blush
Vibrant pink/light shimmer

– 0.07 oz All-over Eye Shadow
5050 (cool bisque satin)


lipgloss– 0.13 oz Full-Size Naked Ultra Nourishing Gloss Lip Gloss
Sesso (rose/pink shimmer)

eyeliner– 0.03 oz 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil
Stag (deep brown satin)

mascara– 0.13 oz Perversion Mascara
Blackest Black

Overall, so far I am completely happy with this palette. At first, I thought the bronzer was going to be very light and have an orange tint to it, but when I actually tried it on it was just perfect. I love love love the blush in the palette too. The 5050 shadow is being mistaken by some people for a highlight, but it is indeed an eyeshadow. It can be used as a highlight tough, I suppose! I was super excited to get another Perversion Mascara. I previously had gotten a sample size from Ipsy and instantly fell in love with it. I’m also really stoked to try out the new Stag eyeliner. It will complement these shadows so well. Definitely worth the money for me!!
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Moda VoxBox: October/November 2014


I was BEYOND excited when I received an email saying I was eligible for the Moda VoxBox. I had also received the previous Vitality VoxBox, but it definitely wasn’t as awesome as this one! If you’re interested in getting a VoxBox check out, it’s totally free and you basically just post reviews about products. I didn’t have to pay ANYTHING and all the reviews you give are your own honest opinions. I’m so happy I received this box because it had many things that I actually will use in it. Thanks Influenster!


• Clairol, Hair Food: $14.99

I had never heard of this product before, it’s apparently new. I wasn’t too sure how to use it either, the bottle said to use on damp hair, comb, and wash out. I decided to use it in the shower and now I use it twice a week instead of my conditioner. It makes my hair feel sooooo soft, I love it! I will for sure be using the coupon I received to purchase other products in this line.


• Swiss Miss, Simply Cocoa: $2.29 per box

Now that we have entered the winter months, this was a nice treat to get in my VoxBox. I’m sure I will end up using it, because the Keurig hot chocolates just aren’t cutting it for me.


• Rimmel London, ScandalEyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara- #003 Extreme Black: $5.99

I was SO EXCITED to see beauty items in this box! I’m a makeup fanatic and I’ve been waiting for a VoxBox that included makeup. Honestly though, I was a bit disappointed with this mascara. I thought it would be amazing but in reality, the brush was just too large and couldn’t coat my lashes properly. I felt as if barely any product was getting on them.


• Rimmel London, Moisture Renew Lipstick- #360 As You Want Victoria: $6.99

At first the color turned me off of this lipstick. I don’t think reds or dark colors look good on me. I usually am always wearing a nude, pink, or peach colored lipstick. But when I tried this color on for the first time I didn’t think it looked that bad on me. I did end up giving it my mom though, since she likes colors like this and needed a lipstick anyways. The formula was awesome, and I wouldn’t be against looking at other colors from this line of lipstick!


• Rimmel London, Moisture Renew Lip Liner- Universal Transparent Lip Liner: $5.99

At first I thought this was a white eyeliner and I was ecstatic. I don’t really use lipliners too much, but I was willing to give this one a try. I would describe it as more of a lip primer, I guess. It made my lipstick last longer and helped it not bleed out from my lips. I don’t see myself using it everyday, but on occasions i definitely will!


• Resource, Natural Spring Water: $1.49

I’ve never heard of this brand before, and it just tasted like normal water! Not too much to say about it…


• Jergens, Ultra Healing Lotion: $5.99

I love little baby travel size bottles of stuff! Not kidding, I’ve been asked about 3 times if I have lotion in my purse from people in my classes in the past month. Well, now I do! My hands get dry in the winter, so the timing was perfect on this one.


• Puffs, Soft Pack Tissues: $2.49

Everyone needs travel tissues! I ended up putting one of the packages in my car, since I always need a tissue and never have one. These are just the basic tissues, not ones infused with lotion or anything like that. But they are still soft!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out Influenster for a chance to get a VoxBox in the future!

Ipsy Glam Bag Subscription: November 2014

 It’s that time of the month again…IPSY BAGS have arrived! If you aren’t familiar with Ipsy, basically it is a beauty/makeup subscription service that charges $10 a month. Your $10 gets you 4-5 beauty items and an adorable bag. Some months they are awesome, and others are just a miss. This month the theme was Girl Meets Glitter, and I was quite satisfied with the products I received! I personally think it is worth the $10, the bags alone would cost you that at a store. You fill out surveys and questions about the products you receive, and then they try to give you more products that you actually like. I would definitely check it out if you haven’t already! If you want, click HERE to go to the Ipsy website via my referral link.

• Be A Bombshell Cosmetics: Eye Base- Submissive

This shade is absolutely GORGEOUS. I used it the other day before doing a neutral smokey eye, and I loved it. It’s just a very pretty bronzy-gold color with some shimmer. It’s perfect for me! Probably my favorite item from this months bag!


• J. Cat Beauty: Wonder Lip Paint- Red Potion

I’m not a red lipstick kind of girl at all. I think I’ve tried it maybe twice, and took it off immediately. I just don’t like how it looks on me, I prefer nudes, pinks, and peaches so much more. I was looking on the J. Cat Beauty website and they have tons of gorgeous colors in their Lip Paint’s. I really wish they would have given out something I would actually wear. That being said, I loved the formula and you can’t beat the price of these ($4.99)! I might end up buying a few in colors that I like just because of how awesome the product is.

•Elizabeth Mott: you’re so FINE Eyeliner- Glitterati

Okay, I’m totally down to try anything that has the word glitter in it. Basically, this liquid eyeliner is a jet black color with silver glitter in it. I really liked it for just normally lining my eyes, but when i tried to do a cat eye, it was a disaster. I will probably end up using it in the future just as a lash-line liner!

•TEMPTU: S/B Highlighter- Pink Pearl

I was SOOO excited when I saw I was getting this in my bag!! I absolutely love highlighters and this is the best liquid highlighter I’ve ever used. I really don’t like the Benefit High Beam because, for some reason, it always just messes up my makeup wherever I put it. But this TEMPTU highlighter doesn’t effect the underlying makeup at all. It’s so gorgeous and subtle too. I have a feeling I’ll be using the whole bottle very soon.


•Marc Anthony: Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Volume Shine Hairspray

Although getting a hairspray in your bag may seem boring, I personally love getting the little baby bottles of products. I always save mine and use them for when I travel or might need to carry one somewhere.

Be sure to check out Ipsy and get on the waiting list NOW so you too can start getting bags in the upcoming months!!

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Wantable Makeup Subscription Box: October 2014

I’ve been seeing advertisements for this new subscription box, Wantable, over the past few months. After viewing the website dozens of times, I decided to try a box with a 50% coupon they were advertising. Usually, the boxes are $40 a month, so I only paid $20 for mine. Forty bucks is reallllllllly steep….especially for 4 products that I could definitely live without! Personally, I don’t even think they were worth the $20 I paid. You are able to get partial refunds with Wantable, so you can send back the products you are not happy with. I will be returning the lip liner and nail polish for a $10 refund. Which means I am keeping the highlighter and mineral foundation, which I ‘technically’ now paid $10 for. The boxes they had in the past looked way better, so maybe this one just wasn’t for me? I wouldn’t be against trying them again, but like I said $40 is super expensive (to me at least) for items that I could possibly not even like! Even after filling out a 10 minute survey on my likes and dislikes, I’m just really disappointed!


☻ Liberty Republic Nail polish – Premonition ($14)

☻  Three Custom Color Lip Liner – Salmon ($16.50)

☻ Medusa’s Makeup Loose Highlighter ($12)

☻ Marsk Mineral Foundation – Nude ($55.20)


Marsk Mineral Foundation – Nude ($55.20)

I do like this product, it reminds me a lot of the Bare Minerals products, just for about double the price. I would consider actually buying it if it were sold in a drug store, but for $55? HA, no way! I use it more as a setting powder over blemishes than an actual foundation. It does have good coverage, which is why I like using it in certain areas!


Medusa’s Makeup Loose Highlighter ($12)

This is definitely my favorite product from my box. It reminds me a lot of the TheBalm highlighters. I use it mostly on my cheekbones, nose, and cupids bow. It makes for a beautiful eyeshadow too! Especially on the inner tear duct. I had never heard of this brand before, but after looking them up their products are all cruelty free, made in the USA, and vegan!


☻  Three Custom Color Lip Liner – Salmon ($16.50)

Ugh….I was so so so excited when I saw I was getting a SALMON colored lip liner. Now, does this look salmon to you? I would have expected a peachy color…not this horrendous brownish red thing! I will never ever use this color, I even tried it on and it just looked awful! I’m beyond disappointed. I feel like it was just thrown in the box because no one would actually buy it! It’s so disappointing because the formula is so creamy and smooth, I love that part of it. Just very let down by the color.


Liberty Republic Nail polish – Premonition ($14)

Okay, I understand its fall and halloween is approaching. But I would have appreciated something I would actually wear. I’m not even sure what color this is, its mainly black with a tiny tint of blue. Again, something I would never even use. It seems as if all the colors from this collection are very dark too. They have a bunch of super cute colors that I would love to try one day, it just would have been nice to get one in my box!

I hope my post didn’t come off as too negative.. Like I said, I was just really disappointed. I was expecting to have a much different experience with Wantable based on their past boxes and what they were advertising. If the price wasn’t as steep, I wouldn’t be apposed to trying them out again!

Vitality Voxbox From Influenster: August 2014

Ahhhh, I’m so excited! I saw a youtuber unboxing their ‘voxbox’ back in June, and decided to sign up and give it a shot. I was really shocked when I received an email saying I qualified for the Vitality Voxbox and that it was already on its way!

Here’s what I ended up getting in my box….


Softlips Cube: These are so cute! I’m already a huge fan of softlips, I love the formula they use in their products because it doesn’t dry out my lips even more. I just toss the cube into my purse and it’s there whenever I need it!

Bikini Ready Energy Gummies: These were interesting..I was a little disappointed that we only received 2 in the package. I feel like more would have been better to give an effective review. They looked delicious, but they have a funky taste to them. If you can get over that, they did give me a bit of an energy boost the morning I did take them! It’s a better alternative to coffee, especially if you live somewhere thats super hot in the summer like me. The full bottle is only $14.99, so they are affordable.

First Degree Burn Cream: At first I thought I wouldn’t ever have a use for this. It would just sit in my medicine cabinet for years until I finally threw it out. Well, guess who dropped their curling iron in their foot 3 days after receiving this box? Now that I think about it, I probably burn myself at least twice a month while doing my hair…and this cream really did help the pain and the healing process. Now I keep it in my vanity so its ready to use whenever I need it!

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance: Not gonna lie, I was pretty excited about these. Its a full size box, which is gonna save me a few bucks this month! There isn’t really any difference between these and the tampons I usually use, but I like them. I would be careful if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to certain perfumes, as these are scented and could cause irritation for some people.

Pure Leaf Iced Tea: Personally, I don’t really like the taste of tea. But my mom loves it, so I gave it to her to try & she ended up really enjoying it!

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future: I was really excited when I saw I received this product! The full size is about $60, so not really in my budget of what I’d spend on something like this. But I’ll take a free sample anytime! I’ve been using it before I apply my makeup, and it does make my skin very soft and smooth.

A big thank you to Influenster for sending me this FREE Vitality Voxbox. I did not have to pay anything for it nor am I getting paid to post my opinions, the products I reviewed here were all I received for doing this!


‘Holy Grail’ Nude Lipstick?!?!

“Holy Grail” in the beauty industry is a big word. But….I have to admit, I think I may have found my holy grail nude lipstick! I’ve tried SOOOOOOOO many; too beige, too cakey, too sheer, etc. I’ve used this lipstick almost every single day since I first got it a few months ago.

Myth by MAC! Yes, I’m sure you’re thinking it’s overrated, but honestly, it’s the best. I love it more than Creme D’Nude, it covers the pigmentation of my lips much better and lasts a lot longer. It gives off a bit of a peachy tint too, so it doesn’t wash you out or make you look like you just rubbed foundation on your lips!

Although this is not my personal swatch, it shows the beautiful nude color of the lipstick:

If you’ve yet to find a good nude lipstick for yourself, or you just think they all look terrible on you, GIVE THIS ONE A TRY. I highly highly highly doubt you will be disappointed!